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Bocas del Toro killers arrested in Nicaragua

By NICOLÁS AGUILAR R. and CARLOS ARGUEDAS – San Jose, Costa Rica – The American couple Panamanian police identify as serial killers, who the police were looking for last night in the area of Santa Cruz in Turrialba, were detained this morning in the waters of the San Juan river in Nicaragua. The couple were arrested in an area known as Tambor and at this moment they are being detained at a Nicaraguan army outpost in this zone. According to police reports, this is about William Adolfo Cortez (aka Wild Bill) and his wife, Jane Seana, whom the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) have been looking for intensively since Saturday night. In Panama they have been linked to the disappearance of one person and the deaths of two others, all US nationals.

According to police reports, the couple arrived at noon yesterday to Puerto
Viejo de Sarapiqui and rented a boat to travel to the mouth of the Sarapiqui
River, in a place known as La Trinidad. They spent the night in a cabin and
this morning they hired a boat to travel to Barra del Colorado. Apparently
when they approached a checkpoint manned by the (Costa Rican) Public Forces, where they would have had to stop and check in, the American who is strong and six feet tall, grabbed the boatman and threw him into the river. At that time, he took the helm and accelerated on the San Juan river headed toward Tambor.

However, he did not count on the fact that there was an Army patrol in the
area, equipped with machine guns and other heavy weapons, which soon
overtook them. The couple stopped the boat and offered no resistance.

According to reports held by the Judicial Investigation Organization, they
were taken to an Army post located at the mouth of the Sarapiquí river and
they are now talking to officials from Nicaragua to deal with the surrender
of the suspects. Judicial officers are currently traveling in several boats
to the site to eventually receive the pair of alleged serial killers and to transfer them to Costa Rican soil. (La Nacion – Costa Rica)

Posted by: “Glenn Tuttle” on the Cruising Network Online Yahoo Group
Date: Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:58 pm

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Today I learned about the apparent mass murder case developing in the well-known cruising grounds of Bocas del Toro, Panama in a post to the Cruisers Network Online Forum on Yahoo. Forum Moderator Glenn Tuttle, issued an “alert” for the main suspect and his wife, William Adolfo Cortez Reese
aka “Wild Bill” who may be on their sailboat in the Chiriqui Gulf.

William Adolfo Cortez Reese aka "Wild Bill."

William Adolfo Cortez Reese aka "Wild Bill."

According to KTVI-FOX2Now.com (St. Louis, MO), Cher Hughes body was discovered on Tuesday in a shallow grave in Panama. Authorities believe she was murdered. Don Winner, a freelance journalist for the website Panama-Guide.com has been working with law enforcement on Cher’s case. He says Cher Hughes was last seen with William Adolfo Cortez Reese aka “Wild Bill.” She was at a party at his Panama home. Winner says police found Cher’s body on Reese’s property. Law officers say Reese and his wife, Jane Cortez, are now the prime suspects in her murder. The skeletal remains of another body were found with Cher. Winner tells FOX 2 News that police are calling Reese and his wife suspects in at least three murders and possibly many more. The case is all over the headlines in Panama and Winner says police think “Wild Bill” may be a serial killer. “That is absolutely the concern. Right now the number one priority is to capture this guy, catch him, find out where he is and get him in handcuffs, him and his wife.” said journalist Don Winner. Winner tells us police suspect Reese and his wife are killing people to steal their property. Cher Hughes owned a hotel. Reese was talking to her about buying it the night she disappeared. Reese and his wife are now on the run. FOX 2 News has learned that investigators found documents at Reese’s home that make them suspect he may be involved with other murders. Cher’s husband is in Panama working with authorities.


Suspects William Cortez Reece and Jane Cortez /www.tvn-2.com

The couple fled from Bocas del Toro and they are now fugitives from justice, as confirmed by the Assistant to the Attorney General, Neftali
Jaén. Cortez is a man who introduced himself as a businessman on the resort island, who bought property and had immigration movements from Mexico,
Belize and Costa Rica, where presumably there are also people missing. At the hostel authorities found passports and documentation from more than a
dozen people. It was learned that Cortez would start an apparent business transaction in order to supposedly buy the properties, and then later the
owners disappeared. Cortez was last seen heading towards Cerro Punta in Chiriqui, and it was also mentioned that he might have escaped on Reeces’
sailboat. Donald Winner said this could develop into a case of a “serial killer.” (La Critica)

Link to Story and Video from KTIV

Everyone should be on alert in case you come across these two and should notify the FBI in Panama City (507-207-7000) if they know their whereabouts.


Ad posted by Wild Bill - Truth in Advertising?

An ad published in the August 2009 Bocas Breeze presented the Jolly Roger Social Club as the only expat membership club in Bocas with the slogan:  ”Only 90% of our members survive.”  It advertises plenty of dock space, mooring balls, 24-hour security, hotel rooms, a swim platform, horseback riding and poker nights, and states the location as Cauchero at Cutthroat Cove.


By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com – On 16 May 2003, Michael Watson Brown and his wife Manchittha Nankratoke “Nan” Brown started a company called “Latitude 9.10 Inc.” At about the same time, in April 2003, the Browns purchased a parcel of land measuring more than 18 hectares – about 45 acres – located along the coast on the mainland in the area known as Cauchero in the province of Bocas del Toro from Maria Irene Lezcano de Castillo. They purchased this large parcel of coastal property using their company “Latitude 9.10 Inc.” On 18 April 2005, Panama’s Ministry of Agricultural Development issued resolution number DAL-030-ADM-2005 in favor of Michael Watson Brown and his wife Manchittha Nankratoke de Brown which certified them as agricultural producers. This documents indicates the Brown family intended to grow pineapple, papaya, mango, oranges, avocado, plantain, and passion fruit on their land. These people have been missing for about three years. Today I received the following email;

  • “Hi I am the daughter of Mike Brown. Daddy was living in Panama with my brother Watson Brown and my stepmother Nam. They too went missing with him 3 years ago. I have not been able to contact the Panama police. Do you have any more information on what happened or are you able to give me some information on how to contact the Panama police department?? Thank you in advance.”

Guess Who Took Over The Property: On 2 May 2008 documents were filed in the Panamanian Public Registry making William “Wild Bill” Adolfo Cortez the new Director, President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Panamanian corporation “Latitude 9.10 Inc.” His wife Jean Seana Cortez was named as a Director of the company. This is the property where the bodies of Cher Hughes and Bo Icelar were discovered on Tuesday, 20 July 2010. And thus far no one has been able to find the Brown family. At this point, knowing what we know now, it can only be presumed that this murderous psychopthic serial killer did away with the entire family in order to take over their property. (more)    Click Here To Read The Full Article

As of Sunday:

At this moment, Panamanian Special Operations officers are executing a search / arrest warrant in the are Bocas del Toro. Intelligence information indicates “Wild Bill” and Jane Cortez remain in the area, and hopefully they will be in custody by the end of the day. More information as it becomes available. http://panama-guide.com/

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